Some Recent Gowns
These are some of the more recent gowns and debutante dresses of the last year.
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A Dream Client
Tasteful, quietly elegant, pleasant and most accommodating.  How could I ask for anything more!

The Fabric
To make herself look really distinctive amount of sea of black dinner suits, my client elected to wear something icy pastel - for her that was a beautiful icy pink.

This neckline wasn't just lucky.  We designed it specifically to have her honor medal hang perfectly.

Rehearsal Dinner
For my muse's rehearsal dinner, we elected to use parts of another wedding gown that she had admired only in red and black her colors for the wedding.

Revealing, but
demure.  She wanted something elegantly revealing, but not uncomfortable, when I found this gorgeous Chantilly black lace, I knew that would be perfect for this gown.


Even though the back was the "drop dead" part of this dress, the front was a beautiful sheath which she wore elegantly.

Cotton Palace
For years I have been on the approved list for designing and making the Cotton Palace debutantes of Waco, TX.  They are lovely and are more ambassadors for the city.


On Stage
These gowns are meant to be on stage more than close-up, and are embellished accordingly.  They are also in pastel colors which makes them a lot different than the traditional debutante white gowns.

New Gowns
Awaiting photos from the professional photographer, this is the group of this year's debutante ball gowns, hanging ready to be worn.