Archived Debutante and Wedding Gowns
Each one of these creations are exclusively designed not only for the client's physique, but also for her personality and character.  The dress should also reflect back to each client a personality that the client knows is great to look at as well as wear.  Each client should be able to look in the mirror and think, "Gee, I really look fabulous," as well as feel it. 

Fitting is my forte, but also designing for the personality of the client is as important to me.  I am this picky fitting and designing for myself and expect nothing less for my client!

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The Whipped Cream Dress


This is Katherine's sister and a completely different look, but the same family veil.


This is Lizzy's sister and in a brocade version - both had the same family heirloom veil

A Southern beauty who loved a classic style.


A beautifully Titan-colored complexion made her silk dress perfect.


The subtle techniques required to make this look work, aren't always evident, but it's a beauty when they are executed well as Cara's worked perfectly.

This was first time for Lauren to have anything made for her, as she is so petite, that she was beaming when she wore this gown.


Such a classic figure and confident stature, when Carrie walked in this dress, she ruled the room!


Done for her wedding in the Catholic Cathedral in Oklahoma City, this dress needed some drama to make it compatible with the large sanctuary of the cathedral.

Sometimes these can be the most challenging as each girl has their own favorite design.


The sign of quality
There are some words that roll from a seamstress's tongue with great respect and this is one of them.

This was such a fun design to create and watch blossom before my eyes

More Details!
It's easy to get carried away, and sometimes I have to just top to prevent overdoing a good thing.


Brides are so much fun not only because they are young and pretty, but because they shine with a glow!


Whitney detail
This dress shows better in black & white as we have to darken the skin to get the detail of the dress.

This started as a take-off of a well-known designer, and turned into our own creation.


I love details and the chance to be creative with them.  This just developed during the fittings.


Not only is that a beautiful word for an important part of the dress, but it is the part that shows the most during the wedding and after.