A Collection of Gown Details
The most important part of a gown is the fit and comfort, but all is lost without the detail.  Often the detail is not even seen, it's when the detail in not there or incorrectly executed that it's noticed.  Here are some close-up shots of some of the more exquisite details I have used for my gowns.

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Windowpane checked bodice
This looks like a simple bodice, but the fabric was actually beaded in a windowpane check, which meant all darts and fitting had to be done mathematically symmetrical so that the folds in the design wouldn't look off center.  See the whole dress here.


The Flow
Again the simplest part of a dress can be the most complicated.  In this dress, the "petals" of chiffon had to lay flat and flow when the client walked.  No puckering on the seams and each panel had to flow and fall easily and look effortlessly.


Whipped Cream
Part of the fun of doing this dress is watching the client's eyes light up as the dress takes shape.  The other part is that I store the dresses until their "debut" in enough room so they are not flat.  It had all the fresh "poof" as if it had been freshly whipped!

Pearls & Roses
This embroidery is by hand and is time-consuming and expensive, therefore I'm not able to do it for many of my clients.  But when I do, it's beautiful.


Sometimes the accessories (buttons in this case) make the whole look.  This is a take-off of the Jackie K/O look - there's more on my blog here.


Sheer over Chiffon
I love working with iridescent chiffons and over charmeuse makes the nap even more interesting.  This jacket was specially created to show the design of the fabric to its best advantage.  The real detail here is how the fabric fell flat against the side seam.  Any wrinkle, warp, or curve in the seam would have ruined the classic simplicity.

My big problem is usually finding the fabric.  I get an idea in my head and can't let go.  I was so lucky to find this fabric - it was a blessing  to find it - otherwise I would have been totally nuts!


It's my favorite thing
This jacket is basically simple, and I suppose that matching makes it just a little more complicated without screaming "I'm great at sewing!"  Toille jacket with my water theme (for diving) and in green (my fav) and oxblood red!


Whimsical Fabric
I found this at Fabrique in Dallas and couldn't resist it.  It is hand-painted.  It took a year to make up - more to make up my mind, but wanted something with a high sashay factor!  After I finished this, I bought another piece - green of course and with fish!

English Trim
While in London, I found this fabulous trim, and then the idea of a 4-ply crepe with this trim was just fabulous.


Designers love black
And then doing something wonderful with it.


OK - that's a woodworking term, but I use it here too.  Mitoring a corner and making it match is really the run part of figuring out trims.

Matching front
Mitering this corner was fun, but had to make sure that it was symmetrical so that the front matched.


Green as Black
For me - green is my black.  This fabric had just a tone of purple in it - more fun.  I put  this tunic over an irredescent chiffon of gold & purple just to add some more flavor.


The Sleeve detail
Again making sure that the design matched when it met on the back cuff detail.