Construction and Embellishment
This is the puzzle part of putting together the gowns I create.  Essentially how to fit a two-dimensional pattern on a three-dimensional body.  I al included some embellishment details
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This gown was done from Zibelene which is a relative to Alaskine used by Jackie O.  The trick here is that once the fabric is folded, it's like paper - can not be "unfolded" or pressed out.  In addition, the dress had to be stored in plenty of space.  But once on the bride, it was beautiful.


After I first meet with my clients, I will draw a mechanical sketch.  This is, once approved, what I will draw the pattern from, and gives me almost all the information I need to make up the dress.


After the design has been approved, we start on the muslin.  I always think the finished muslin is as beautiful as the dress for I know the work that has gone into each one of my muslins!

I'm not above wrapping a piece of fabric around a client just to demonstrate color, design, or the total look.  This beautiful young lady is a perfect match for this jade silk, and sure enough it turned out beautifully. See the finished dress here.


After the cut, the fabric is essential - body, weight, sheer, flowing, light, full, layers - the combinations are infinite.  One of the fun tasks is sorting through all these options for my clients.


Often there is a little extra that I can create for the wedding. Creating a beautiful individually designed piece is one of the most fun things I do.

Ciphers are monogram devices where the letters are interwoven with each other.  Here is a cipher monogram for KS.


For the bride
Often  I will do a cipher or monogram on a silk ribbon to carry around the bouquet as "something blue".


Almost all young designers start with their Barbies then quickly move to themselves.  I started creating clothes for myself because I couldn't find what I wanted in the stores.  I am very picky which is probably why I don't mind picky clients! Here's an example of the simple elegant style I wanted for my Sophomore year prom in high school.  This is an excellent example of why red-heads should never wear pink, but I was young and whatever!!!