Embroidery Monograms, Ciphers and Designs
In my former life as a calligraphist, I grew fond of  all sorts of letter styles.  With the advent of fonts, that grew to even more fun.  As I aged, I didn't have to have such a steady hand, just a feel for the movement of letters and their ornaments and I could manipulate them with a computer.  Enter the computerized digitizer for embroidery, and I'm in Nirvana!  Below are some examples of some of my cipher, monogram and other alphabetic devices done in embroidery.
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For Bride & Groom
Usually when I do this it will be the first names of the bride & groom with their last initial the largest.


This was so much fun - for a dear friend, Mary.


This was for my cousin Tori who would be horrified if I spent a lot of money, but who had everything in her life...nothing better than her own cipher - Victoria

This was a mock-up I did for an idea for a local gift shop.  This cipher turned out so well, I'm not sure I could do the same for her clients.


This is for my sister, Laura, who I treasure above all my family members.  She and I have always been close.  I did a toile apron in ivory ground with red print, and her monogram in red.  She's an excellent cook and wears it for special occasions.


Avise la fin
Consider the end - our family motto and badge.  It seems to have been apropos as all members of this clan, no matter how they lived, have died well and courageously.

Chi Rho
The first letters in the name of Christ are the Greek letters XR or Chi Rho.  This is known as the header in the "Chi Rho" page of the Book of Kells.


Male monograms are the hardest.  They deserve them as well as ladies, however the should be masculine but not so severe all the time.  This is for a cousin.


My own cipher I use on my business cards.

Four-letter monogram for bride's gown in blue.


MOB hankie
MOB (mother of bride) gets to have a special monogram for her daughter's special day.


A cipher is a group of initials all in the same space.  This makes for a fun challenge to weave them in and out of each other so that hopefully one looks like the major initial while the others complement .

Classic Monogram.


Modern monogram
Modern style for a man.


My niece is my muse and I got to practice and do a lot of things that I wouldn't normallly get to do for a client, like a portrait a la Fauve of her embroidered on a tote!