The Turpin Quilt Club 1937
This quilt is beautifully preserved and a most valuable piece of history.  It is signed by each member of the club.  Fortunately the quilt has been remarkably well preserved by the family of one of the members of the club.  Hopefully we'll have a little "blurb" on each member of the club from some of the family.
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Hattie Addis


Rose Antrim


May Bishop

Ethyl Board


Eula Caldwell


Virgie Caldwell

Naomi Cantrell


Pearl Cox


Clara Dietrick

Agnes Drierson


Maurine Evans


Mina Evans

Edna Kulow


Addie Hague


Mary Hauge

Lillian Hall


Ava Henline


Julia Hershey

Nellie Hill
This is the owner's grandmother.


Emma Ross


Jessie Stephenson

Bertha Strickland


Mary Smith


Minnie Smith

Mary Tepner


Jewel Turyman


Grace Weiss

Mattie Whitmer


Turpin Club 1937


Lula Randles